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In today's demanding business environment, advocating for the needs of the hospitality industry across Local, State, and National Governmental levels is essential for navigating the intricate challenges it faces. At Hospitality Advocacy Australia, we comprehend the complexities involved in ensuring the prosperity of hospitality enterprises. From advocating for regulatory reforms and pushing for workforce support to championing growth initiatives, from promoting hospitality technology to advocating for tailored policies, our comprehensive suite of advocacy services is tailored to address the diverse needs of your business.

Given the recent economic strains, including escalating costs, wage inflation, and fluctuating interest rates, businesses in the hospitality sector are encountering unprecedented hurdles. Many are struggling with financial burdens, while others are striving to adapt and innovate to thrive in an ever-changing market landscape. At Hospitality Advocacy Australia, we are prepared to advocate for your business's needs during these turbulent times and position it for sustainable success in the post-pandemic era.

Our seasoned team of advocacy professionals offer a range of solutions aimed at advancing the growth and resilience of your business through governmental channels. From calling for strategic policy changes to advocating for financial relief measures, we provide actionable insights and tailored strategies to drive your business forward.

Let us assist you in shaping and refining your vision for the future, fighting for policies that align with your goals and objectives. Our process encompasses a comprehensive approach, including strategic alignment with missions, vision, and values, goal setting, and strategic advocacy implementation. With a focus on tangible outcomes and continuous improvement, we ensure that your business remains adaptable and responsive to change.

Don't delay in advocating for your business's future. Partner with Hospitality Advocacy Australia and embark on a journey toward sustained success and profitability through effective change efforts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business objectives and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation through advocacy.

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“COVID-19 has meant that hospitality will never ever be the same.  It has forced industry champions to reframe their thinking, tweak at the edges or make wholesale pivots.  This book distils a lifetime of learning, couched in contagious enthusiasm.  It will be the go to bible for navigating the choppy sea ahead.  Wes is a leader with integrity and commercial sensitivity.  In a short period of time he has left footsteps in my life and earned my trust.  I am proud to call him a friend and even prouder of his ability to turn around this book.  Do yourself a favour and read it immediately.”

Salvatore Malatesta, CEO & Creative Director, ST, ALi

“A good read for everyone in hospitality. Written by a person who cares and that’s willing to go the extra mile."

John Gambaro, CEO Gambaro Group

“Insightful, it’s the real deal on how to succeed in one of the world's toughest businesses. “

Chris Lucas, CEO Lucas Group

“The industry I have dedicated my life to is something I love with all I have. Over the years I have bleed with my fellow hospitality workmates and together we have helped forge the vibrant and world class restaurant scene we have had the privilege of enjoying. Our industry has always been one filled with loyal and passionate people who give all they have without wanting anything in return. We are here to serve and create memoires for all who intrust us. Now the world is under attack and our future is uncertain. Now we are the ones who are in need of service, we need guidance and leadership in managing the legal and political landscape of our uncertain future. Wes has been the light our industry has longed for and needed.”

Shane Delia, Director Delia Group

You are writing about a very complex, tough and intimidating time in global restaurant history.  And in your writing, you are dis-arming the monster. You are showing the reader how to be stronger, smarter and in control. Yes, dear Wes, your work is amazing.

I am reminded of an ancient Samurai saying: “The devil whispered, ‘You will not survive the storm.’ And the warrior replied, ‘I am the storm.’

And you, my very dear friend, are the storm.

Greg Hobby, CEO Taylor & Holmes Catering

An incredibly inspiring journey from young man to Hospitality savour, a “modern day champion “on a journey to save the Hospitality Industry one venue at a time.

By applying the guidance and use of the 7 key principles outlined in this book you will have the best chance of success, as Wes says “survive to thrive”

Venessa Barnes, Food Logic

A Sydneysider on a list of SA hospitality influencers – how can that happen? The national industry association CEO has shown himself to be a defender of the South Australian hospitality sector, working with government and industry, taking online questions from Advertiser readers and always picking up the phone when SA restaurant and cafe owners called, helping them stay afloat in tough times. The Premier has tapped Lambert to be part of his 15 member industry response and recovery council so he’ll be sticking with SA to accelerate our recovery.

Jessica Galletly, Gordon Knight, Michelle Etheridge, Katie Spain, The Advertiser

#1 Wes Lambert - The Rock Star of Aussie Hospitality

Daniel Hakim, CEO of the Club of United Business (CUB)

Legendary Stuff Mate! A true advocate for the industry.

Peter Cutcliffe, Bills Fish House